How Do I Join?

How Do I Join PRCC?

At Paso Robles Community Church we practice an active, “formal membership” we call Servant Staff.  “Staffers” are those individuals who have received and are experiencing God’s transforming life and are linking arms with fellow PRCC family members to serve God as we serve the world in its spiritual struggle for freedom, justice and peace. To become a Servant Staffer at PRCC is to affirm both where you are and spiritually and where you are going.

If you’d like to explore becoming a “Staffer” at PRCC, then please secure a copy of our Handbook (and Appendix), both are available for download but you’ll need to contact the church office for the password.

If you’re familiar with the contents of our Handbook, have completed the study “Your Church Experiencing God Together”, are a Follower of Jesus, and would like to join PRCC as a Servant Staff, then download either the Application or Request an Interview Form and let’s finalize the process!

Together, we can better “Love God, Make Friends, and Change the World!”