30 x 10's

Join us this Summer for our annual "30x10" dinner parties. Our goal is to have 30 meals over 10 weeks in the homes of PRCC family members. This is a great opportunity to get to know our church family in an intimate and relaxed way: over a meal in someone’s home. You set the time. You set the theme. Can't get much simpler than that. 
Spots will fill up fast so make sure to RSVP in advance!

What is a 30x10?
"30x10" is a series of hosted dinners over 10 consecutive weeks this summer (May 29 - August 6), within the homes of people in our church family. While themes and menus change, what they all have in common is that they provide a chance to get to know people in a more intimate setting.
Why is it called 30x10?
Simple. We're having 30 meals over 10 weeks! That's all there is to it.
Who Can Attend the 30x10?
30x10's are open for everyone to attend… you just need to RSVP to the host in advance. We encourage hosts to reach out to newer folks in our community and to people they haven’t yet had the opportunity to get to know.
I don't have a big place, should I still host a 30x10?
YES! 30x10's are not about having the perfect space to host or the perfect menu. All you need for a successful 30x10 is a willingness to open up your home, share a meal, and connect with others.
I'd like to host a 30x10 dinner. How do I sign-up to be a host?
Simple! Contact the church office (805.239.4771 or office@pasochurch.com) and tell us you'd like to host. The information we'll need to create your sign-up is: Your Name; Contact Information; Maximum Number of Guests you'd prefer; and the Date(s)/Time(s) you'd like to host. That's it! We've even created a Host Registration card that you can download from the bottom of this page, complete and bring to the church office or email us!
I don’t really have that much money…but I’d like to host. Can I still participate?
Absolutely! 30x10's are about people coming together and getting to know each other over a meal, not about being fancy. There are lots of wallet-friendly hosting ideas, such as a grilled cheese/tomato soup dinner, chili & cornbread, casseroles, pasta dishes… and you can also have a potluck and ask others to contribute to the meal! Creativity is encouraged.
I love cooking but I don’t have a place to host… can I still get involved?”
No problem! Just contact us and we’ll team you up with someone who could use your gift of cooking.
I have a place, but I don’t really do the cooking thing…
Again, no problem. We have lots of folks with talent in the kitchen waiting to help you!
I'm an introvert and not very comfortable with social gatherings. Any suggestions to keep our dinner from those extended times of awkward silences?
Great question. Here's my suggestion: recruit an extrovert to your dinner and ask them to 'MC' your dinner! And tell them that you'll even supply them with some 'Icebreaker' ideas (which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page!).
Ok, I signed up to host, now what?
We will invite folks to sign up for 30x10's every Sunday between April 24 - May 29 and we will have the calendar posted on the website so folks can see the details of your dinner and RSVP to you directly. In addition, we encourage YOU, our hosts, to reach out and invite new people, or people that you’d just like to get to know better, to your dinner. And don’t forget to attend other 30x10's as well, it’s part of the fun!
What if I still have questions?
No problem. Simply call the church office and talk with our secretary Kim Shannon (805.239.4771) or email her at office@pasochurch.com. She will be glad to answer any question you might have!

30x10 Icebreaker Ideas

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Simple and practical way to get the guests at your dinner party to engage with one another and start building community.

30 x 10 Host Information

resource type: file
Information card for registering/signing up as a host.  The information shared on this card will be made available for the PRCC family so they know the dinners that are available and so that they may sign up to attend.