Upcoming Message Series


What does your life revolve around? What gets you out of bed every morning and motivates you every day? Based on Ecclesiastes, we will learn what it means to actually pursue what is worthwhile and how to integrate meaning and significance into our daily lives.

Pursuit series will run Sunday, July 12 – September 27.

Service Time:  9 am at the McMillan Ranch AND ONLINE 
Dress: very casual
What to Expect: laughter, good coffee, live music, & biblical teaching.

What about kids? There is currently NO Children’s Ministry; with social distancing guidelines in place, we have suspended Children’s Ministry until further notice.



Ever feel like you need a little “pick-me-up”? Who hasn’t right?! Well, God offers us a pathway to power that will not only revive us but those around us!

In this powerful teaching series,  we will discover different ways worship will revive and unleash God’s power in your life.

Series begins Sunday, November 1.