C.A.R.E. Chain is exactly what it sounds like! One family linking up with another family for encouragement and care. We are encouraging EVERYONE at PRCC to be responsible for everyone at PRCC. “Each Family Reach a Family.” What this means is we are encouraging you to pick up a church directory and find your name and the name of the family just below your name. That family is “your CARE responsibility.”

C.A.R.E. is an acrostic which stands for:

C – Call

A – Ask

R – Request

E – Encourage

So, 1-2 times per week, call your “CARE Family” and check in with them. Call and say: 

“Hi, my name is (provide your name), and I’m calling as part of PRCC’s Care-Chain. We realize there’s a lot of stress associated with the coronavirus right now and that some of our family may need assistance, so I’m just calling checking in to see if there is anything you might need.”  And then Pray with them!

After the call, if there is an urgent need, please email (office@pasochurch.com) or call (805.239.4771) the church office to let us know so we can facilitate the meeting of that need.  

At the end of the week, also give us a call at the church office to let us know who you connected with and who called you. We want to make sure NO ONE falls through the cracks! 

Let us know who you’ve reached out to by completing our brief, and fully confidential, CARE-Chain Campaign Form by clicking the button below. 


 If you would like to participate and we don’t have your current information, please provide us your information ASAP. We have updated Church Directories available in the office and we can deliver or mail them if you would prefer; just let us know!  Our prayer is that God will use this time as a time of encouragement and strength for our family.

Non-PRCCer’s. If you’re not part of the PRCC Family, we’d love for you to join us! If you’d rather not, we encourage you to take this CARE concept and practice it within your neighborhood and with your network of friends. Our prayer is EVERYONE will experience community and come to know the love of Jesus!