Benevolence literally means “good will.” Our good will is expressed in a financial gift or assistance to those with a demonstrated financial need. Now, we do prioritize our “benevolence” by beginning with the Paso Robles Community Church family but we don’t limit our assistance to PRCC. If you have a need, please let us know and we will prayerfully consider your request.

We believe God has called each of us to bring help and hope to people in need.  Our desire is to not only assist our members and attendees financially, but to help them engage in the activities that will develop their relationship with Christ and provide the ultimate solution to their financial situation. Practically, what this means, is that depending upon the nature and frequency of the need, we may recommend you participate in our “Managing Our Finances God’s Way” class; don’t worry about the cost, if you’re serious about breaking your financial crisis, we’re serious about helping you. 

The best way to let us know is either call the church office (805.239.4771) or complete our Benevolence Request below and submit it to the church office.