Love Paso Robles: Neighborhood Challenge

The Gospel is a story of Jesus’ love for everyone. God so loved the world that He came to us—making His home with us—to give us life. While a lot of people know things about Jesus, fewer have truly encountered His life-giving love. Even fewer of those who know Jesus’ love will share it. Both in and outside of the Church, evangelism is often perceived as an argument or confrontation, causing people to avoid Gospel conversations altogether.

This is where our “Love Paso: Neighborhood Challenge” comes in! Our goal is to share Jesus’ love the way He did—meeting people with words of life and love through conversations and acts of love right where they live and where they’re most comfortable.

Imagine what our community would look like if every home encountered Jesus’ love! Imagine what PRCC would look like if everyone was reaching just one neighbor!

The “Challenge” is simple:

(a) Get to Know your neighbors. Identify them on the “Who’s My Neighbor” graphic (left column below) then work on getting to know them!

(b) Pray for your neighbor as if their eternity depended on it!

(c) Download the Encounter Outreach App (available in iTunes or Google Play; shown in right column below) and join the PRCC Group: Love Paso Robles. Our “Group Code” is prcc4paso.

(d) In the Encounter Outreach App, click on the “Go” tab and indicate which Neighbor(s) you’re praying for. This will automatically populate in our Group so PRCC can see who you’re praying for and join you in praying for that home.  (There are also Resources & Trainings within this App to help you initiate Gospel-conversations.) Also, in the Encounter Outreach App, when a relationship and prayer turns toward sharing the Gospel (called “Engage”), you can indicate that in the App, as well as create confidential “Notes” or identify next steps for “Follow Up.”

(e) Serve your Neighbor. Pray for ways. Look for ways. Offer your help when you see your Neighbor working around their house.

(f) When you’ve developed a friendship and are regularly praying for your Neighbor, consider hosting a BBQ or Dinner at your home inviting your Neighbor into your home. Depending on the depth of relationship, you may even want to invite a couple PRCC family members, who might connect well with your Neighbor, to join you!

One group of people (which includes 5 neighborhoods) goes each week to one of their neighborhoods and prayer walks the neighborhood and then gets together at the host of that neighborhood for a simple meal! They’ve also found out they know people in each others’ neighborhoods and have been able to serve them even that night! So grab a group of people and let’s prayer walk our city and break bread together!

Encounter Outreach App