Small Groups

Small Group Community

In this season of social distancing and limited in-person interactions, we believe community is more important than ever! Small Groups are still a great place to grow in your relationship with Jesus and with others.

To prioritize the care of our congregation, we have moved all Groups online! We have developed a training guide for how to facilitate these groups virtually and how to launch a digital (Zoom) group (be sure to click the link at the bottom of the page!).

How to Host a digital Small group

This quick-start guide (posted below) will walk you through the steps of starting, inviting and closing a digital space for your community.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of relational connection more than ever! SLO county is now allowing groups of 10 to meet so here’s what we are proposing:

1) Meet Virtually/online via Zoom OR

2) Meet with 10 others of your choice while practicing safe, social-distancing THEN use one of the two options below:

1) SOAP discussion groups ~ Have a conversation about your daily SOAP reading (for explanation of SOAP, visit our page:  

2) Sermon Discussion guides – You’ve already invested 45 minutes in this teaching, so why not further the conversation and “Go Deeper” by discussing it with others?!  We have some questions to keep the conversation going surrounding Sunday’s message ~

To “Plus” the Sermon Discussion, why not have a Sermon/Worship Service “Viewing Party” at one of your homes and then discuss the sermon as a Group?!!


If your Small Group would like to supplement these resources with additional material, then remember, we have a channel on Right Now Media with over 100 recommended resources from our team. Feel free to utilize these materials and connect digitally!


Here’s the Zoom Quick Start Guide: