Here you’ll find the past year of sermons delivered at PRCC. Feel free to listen and download as often and as many times as you’d like!


God indicts the nation of Israel for unrighteousness and injustice. In this message we look at the specifics of God’s frustration and its application for us today.
Introduction to Prophet Amos and God’s warnings of Judgment on non-believing nations and the implications for us today

Q&A_week 2

August 8, 2021
Week 2 in series Q&A where tackled issues like abortion, civil disobedience for Christians and what guarantees salvation.

Q & A _ week 1

August 1, 2021
Week 1 in our teaching series Q&A. Pastor Shawn provides biblical responses to questions submitted by Paso Robles Community Church. Today's questions deal with biblical canonicity, life after death, grieving,…
Final message in series Dress Code and we learn the importance of our future, eternal clothing on our present life.
We learn how important Integrity is in the life of every Jesus Follower.
We learn that Jesus Followers ought to be clothed with power and what this power is and accomplishes in the life of a Believer.
The bible says we are to be people of Honor. In this message we learn what this means and how we can clothe ourselves with honor in a culture of…
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