Here you’ll find the past year of sermons delivered at PRCC. Feel free to listen and download as often and as many times as you’d like!


This Mother's Day message we look at the subtle sin of ingratitude and learn some ways we can become more thankful people. . .especially toward our mothers!
In looking at Philippians 4:4-9, we discover how to biblically deal with anxiety in our life.
We discover what Jesus said about lust and how to deal with the lust in our heart.
We discuss the issue of anger today, the effects of anger, define anger and look for biblical ways of dealing with our anger.
First in the series "Respectable Sins" and we look at the very subtle habit of lying and what the Bible says about lying for Followers of Jesus.
Final message in series on Jesus' expectations for those following him. Looking at Easter Story in John 20, we discover the essential fine print in following Jesus!
Based on John 13, we discover what Jesus believes is the distinguishing trait of every true follower of Jesus.

We discover there are 3 warnings when we prioritize Jesus above all else as we follow him.
When deciding on whether to follow Jesus, it is imperative we know exactly what Jesus expects from his followers. In this message, we learn just how important truth is in…
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